10 Positive Mantras to Kick Off Your Morning


Mantras are words or phrases that can be chanted or said out loud as a means of meditation. They are an awesome tool for self encouragement and a great way to enhance peace of mind. Each new day brings new opportunity and a fresh start. Although you cannot control what the day has in store for you, reciting a few positive mantras in the a.m can help you can control how you handle life’s curve balls. Here are 10 awesome mantras to kick start your brand new day.

  1. I will not dwell on the unchangeable
  2. The only one in control of how I see myself, is me
  3. I am more than good enough
  4. I will trust my inner voice
  5. I appreciate all things the universe is currently providing to me
  6. I am great and can accomplish anything I set forth to do
  7. Progress is better than perfectionism
  8. I am proud of all that I have achieved
  9. I will embrace the unknown, for it is beautiful
  10. I look forward to the opportunities that the day will provide me

Do you have positive mantra that helps get you going in the morning? Please share in the comments below.  🙂

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Anna McCoy

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