A Message to My Creatives: Don’t Sleep on Your Dreams


I have a confession to make – I am a serial procrastinator. Not only that, but I’ve also been guilty of letting my 9-5 corporate and family life get in the way of me accomplishing some of (okay, maybe most of) my personal goals. I’ve made excuses for myself as to why I’m too busy…too busy to write, too busy to expand on these awesome visions that I’ve had brewing in the back of my mind. Then I realized one day that keeping the same mentality and making the same excuses will inevitably cause the brewing dreams inside my mind to sizzle and die. The death of my dreams. That’s what I faced. This level of bitchassery would eventually put me face to face with my biggest fear….regret. I’d be facing the regret that I didn’t do more to push myself, to salvage my dreams. So I was then left with two options: I could either A) begin planning my big grand pity party to celebrate and wallow in my own self defeat, or B) figure out a solid plan to get my sh*t together, bounce back, and seek my goals to fulfillment. So, to inspire some pep into your little urban hippie step, here are a few harsh realizations that I had to come to accept in order to regain ambition and take back control over my dreams.

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You have to realize one thing – nothing you want to accomplish is ever really impossible (as cheesy as this may sound). You may have a longer road to walk than the next soul in order to get there, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Your plan will just need to be more intricate, more thought out. Ask yourself what it is that’s standing in your way and then devise a method to maneuver around it. No matter what the obstacle is, or what cards your being currently dealt – I guarantee that there’s always someone out there that’s done more with less resources than you have right now.

You are often your own worst enemy.

Take a look at yourself…an honest look! What is it that YOU could possibly be doing to hold yourself back? Is it your negative mindset, bad habits, lack of organization etc.? This may be hard for some of you to admit. The reason being because as humans, we’re so hard wired to search for someone or something to blame for our circumstances – never finding fault in ourselves because it’s much easier to put it off on someone else (and let’s be honest, sometimes the truth hurts). So ask yourself what it is you can change to get out of your own way to make your goals more tangible.

Don’t get scatterbrained.

Unorganization and forgetfulness were both HUGE issues for me. I knew what I wanted to do, but with all of life’s ‘woas’ being thrown at me from a million different directions, it was more than easy to become distracted and lose sight of the main goals I wanted to accomplish. So it’s time to get organized my friends!

-If an awesome idea/thought pops into your mind, write it down…NOW! If not – chances are you will forget. (iPhone Notes is my go-to tool for this)

-Plan, plan plan! How are you going to get to your desired end point? Plan out the process step by step. Break it down. Dissect it bit by bit until you have it figured out. Always give yourself a “next step” action so that you constantly keep your plan in motion.

-Deadlines are essential! Every “next step” action should have a deadline. Hold yourself accountable for your deadlines (or tell a friend so they can hold you accountable) this way you don’t stay stuck in the same place like a hamster on a spinning wheel.

Make time.

You can do it. Even if you feel like you have absolutely NO time left in your day (this is also an excuse we often tell ourselves). Well guess what, you do! You have an ENTIRE 24 hrs!! The least you can do is set aside at least one of those hours to dedicate towards your personal goals. This might mean waking up an hour early, or going to bed an hour later. Try to put aside the same time everyday to help develop into what will become your awesomely productive routine. Make time, not excuses.

You have something beautiful to offer to the world…a distinctive gift that’s unique to you. It might be easy to let it fall by the wayside for now, but it won’t stay there forever. I guarantee that regret will eventually begin to eat away at you. One day you will have wished you did just a little more, a little sooner. Please don’t let it go to waste! This is a message to my creatives – we need you!!

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Anna McCoy

Anna is a writer, creator and lifestyle blogger based in Baltimore, Maryland. She started Your Urban Hippie as an outlet to share her thoughts and passion for life, love and arts (in all their beautiful forms). Her goal is cultivate a platform that provides inspiration and good vibrations to all it encounters.

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